Lights, Action, Wedding!

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Lights, Action, Wedding!

Lighting is one of the most important elements of wedding design, and the current trends are for warmth and opulence. Color washes, chandeliers and LED accents set the mood for your wedding and deserve as much attention as possible.

LEDs and Flameless Candles

Sparkling, reflective centerpieces which capture, reflect and redirect light are all the rage right now. Candles are a perennial favorite for centerpieces but can pose a fire hazard, particularly at tables where young children or drunk people sit.

Instead of candles, add LED lights to your centerpieces. You can opt for remarkably realistic looking LED “candles.” If you want to cover a wall or line a pathway with candles, LED substitutes are a safe alternative to open flames.

Link your dining room tables to areas of interest such as the bar by using the same LED lights to highlight decorations, vases or flower, reception, candles, reception lighting, restoration hardware, flameless candles

Uplighting Lighting

Ambient dining room lighting trends include soft color washes, such as warm pinks for afternoon receptions and blues or purples for the evening. Use bolder complementary colors for the room’s perimeter and walls.

Use deeper perimeter up-lighting to focus attention on wall décor or sconces. A gobo projector can add interest to large blank walls, either displaying patterns of color or movies of the happy couple. A projected movie can show highlights of your courtship and romance.

Chandeliers and candelabras have always impressed, and remain a popular and elegant choice for wedding receptions. If your reception location has chandeliers, wonderful. If not, you can always rent chandeliers for the day, although be prepared for a steep rental fee.

The most eye-catching display in the room, other than the bride and groom of course, is the wedding cake. Your wedding lighting should pay special attention to the cake, choosing lighting which complements the cake and provides proper lighting for photography.

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Lighting the Dance Floor

Lighting a dance floor depends, in part, on who will use the floor. While a flashing, nightclub environment provides some excitement, swirling lights can disorient and confuse older wedding guests.

For the early portion of the dance, opt for patterned gobo projection lights to provide non-moving lighting effects. Wait until later in the night, when older guests have left, before adding in moving, nightclub-like effects.

Smoky lighting effects give your dance floor a nostalgic, 1950s to 1960s feel. Remember to use vibrant, brighter lighting for your entertainment stage, where the musicians or DJs need extra light to do their job.

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Outdoor Venues and Lighting

Outdoor wedding receptions offer magical lighting opportunities. Strung lights in trees and hanging lanterns lit with soft LEDs transform a garden setting into a romantic wonderland. Use floating or sunken lights to draw attention to water in pools, fountains or other water features (use complementary lighting around ice sculptures to link ice and water together).

Lighting sets the mood and feel for your entire wedding, from the vows through the reception. Give it the attention it deserves.

BIO: Alicia Lawrence is a content coordinator for a tech company and writes for a top rehab center in her free time.

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