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Looking to have a wedding like none you’ve ever attended?  Before you begin, think about your likes and dislikes as a couple. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Think about your favorite color, movies or even era. All these elements can guide you to find the right theme. From your invitations, through to the party itself, select a common chord that says something about you and your personalities. I mean, it IS YOUR wedding afterall.

Here’s some inspiration for a one-of-a-kind celebration that really says something about your own personal sense of style…

Glitz and Glamor

For a bit of old-fashioned glitz and glam that your guests are guaranteed to remember, choose a masquerade ball where the theme follows through from the reception venue (a grand ballroom or, even better, an old theater), to what to wear (ask guests to come in costumes and give them handmade masks as favors), to a honeymoon in Venice.

wedding decor mascarade

A campfire feel

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, create a feel-good atmosphere by nightfall with a campfire lounge area where guests can hang out and talk. Organize some comfortable seating and have a few log pits burning bright. You could maybe serve hot toddies and flavored lattes. Do you have a friend who’s a pretty nifty guitarist? Ask him/her if they’d mind bringing their guitar along and strumming some acoustic tunes for an hour or so, which will surely add to the mellow mood.

wedding campfire smore

Sweet treats

Most people have a sweet tooth, so why not opt for a dessert buffet? This will encourage people to mingle and to leave their seats and get closer to the dance floor. Your family can even join in – maybe your mom makes brownies to die for and wouldn’t mind showing them off? Talk to your caterer about clever ways to decorate tables and present mini desserts; get the iron out and launder your table linen to perfection before creating an artistic arrangement of desserts that will have all your guests whipping their cameras out. Alternatively, you could really bring out the kid in everyone and have a cupcake station where your guests can tailor-make their own yummy creations. If you’re planning to tie the knot in the warmer weather, it’s a perfect al fresco opportunity to get playful with refreshments. Consider serving up a nostalgic and fun Sno-Cone station (trust me, it is AWESOME for a hot outdoor wedding.  It was a HUGE success—– BUT, you cant have any! No red on your wedding dress!!!). Add a choice of colorful syrups, or even your favorite liqueurs, and this will prove a real hit. You can even match your wedding colors 🙂

wedding snowcones

Up the fun factor

Long after the dinner is over and your guests have been giving it their all on the dance floor, offer up a surprise snack. You could hire the local food truck to pull up outside or have a ‘guilty pleasures’ food station at your venue, serving burger and fries, fried chicken or potato skins. Or if you know your party will run well into the night, you could serve delicious waffles and pancakes for a late night treat. It’ll be a welcome delight for partygoers to help themselves to some of their favorite indulgences.     wedding late night snacks

An unforgettable guest book

Have a photo booth set up at your venue where friends and family can sit in front of a colorful curtain and take their own pictures or group shots during the course of the day/evening. Place a chalkboard in there with them so that the moment can be truly personalized, with each person/group writing their own special message to the happy couple and posing with it – a visual guest book that will be treasured for years to come!

DIY photobooth ideas

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