Make your Reception grand entrance fun!!!

Fun wedding entrance

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So we ALL know that having the spotlight on you can be a bit overwhelming for some! Especially when most of the people are complete strangers, it can be a bit uncomfortable.    You have to options……. 1) RUN to your seat!!!  OR 2) Walk in with an awesome amount of energy and silly.  Now running to your seat is actually the worst option.  When you walk in with your WOO HOO attitude and a little silly dance, you will be memorable and you will look amazing in the photos…

My favorite memory was the most awesome grandma!!!  We dared her to walk in to the reception being carried.  The guests went wild and it started all the fun!  I cant tell you enough about how much a fun entrance will make you happy when you see the pictures……….. I promise!!!

Dont you think we will all remember grandma and this awesome moment!!!

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 8.58.01 AM

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