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  • April Dorsey
  • Bonny Bailey
  • Amanda Caraker
  • April Dorsey


    I am a native Floridian who likes it HOT!!! The spice of South Florida and the tropical breeze defines a sassy girl like me!

    If you want to spend time with a hopelessly romantic sap, then pull up a chair. At every wedding, I tear up at least twice. Watching a bride walk down the aisle is an amazing moment for everybody.

    It is my philosophy that creating an event should be ALL about you! Let everybody else have their wedding cuz this one is yours!!! None of this cookie cutter wedding stuff! Come on, you can open Pinterest and get great ideas, but if they aren’t YOU, then just buy one out of a box. “I will take wedding #4 please!” As if…..

    So here is more about ME!!!

    I am a talker (and I just LOVE the exclamation point!!!) In fact, I love sharing my days and stories with my wedding BFFs (what other planners refer to as Brides). We will spend so much time together that we really get to know each other (good or bad lol)

    I am passionate about life and that translates into everything I do. I try to keep the often long and tedious wedding & event planning process as fun and light-hearted as possible by internalizing the many headaches that arise along the way (so that they never get to my clients.) So if you want a fun planning process with a new wedding BFF, we will have a great time. Text, email, phones…. I do everything I can to make myself accessible and don’t do “office hours”

    Life long Loves: my husband and my furbaby Coda!! You will get to know a ton about them as we get to know each other

    Can’t live without: my iphone, my ipad, mascara and lipgloss

    Greatest weakness: CUPCAKES!!! (Well, any sugar actually lol. My wedding planning rule #1 – I go to EVERY cake tasting!)

    Favorite saying: BREATHE!!!

    Wedding Pet Peeves: Too many people in the planning process. You wont do well with 2 moms, 4 bridesmaids and a groom who all want different things. This will cause unbelievable stress if you look to make everybody happy. I will always be there to make YOUR day happen as YOU want.

    Most unique thing I bring to each wedding: I always have a ring for the groom, should the best man not live up to their title.

    One word to describe you: SASSY!!!

  • Bonny Bailey


    My Slogan: “I might be a little bit Country, but Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”

    Likes: I love living in moments. I love walking down the street on a movie set and listening to the music spread through the buildings and take over the moment.

    I love 80s and Country Music

    I am a Movie Junkie (Action, Drama & Comedy, in that order) – Quotes, Actors and Actresses, the whole gambit. Michael Buble & Robert Downey Jr….Need I say more?

    Dislikes: I dislike when people chew with their mouths open or have bad table manners.

    Can’t Live Without: CAKE!!! I am totally in love with Cake!

    I also LOVE SHOES! But who doesn’t? I mean really??

    I am attracted to things that are Shiny/Glittery. Pretty much if it glistens or has polka dots, I LIKE!

    Pet Peeves: When the dishwasher is closer than the sink, the dishes still end up in the sink… That just makes more work, when the dishwasher can do it!

    I love a great deal! I think about what I would buy and try to put myself in my client’s shoes. If I wouldn’t buy it/pay for it, then why would they?

    I also like to make sure people realize the value in what we do, and the knowledge that we have.

    April and I have worked in this industry as a whole for over 8 years. We have worked and made the connections so you don’t have too.

    Let us help you, and try to relax.

    There is fun to be had when planning a wedding!

  • Amanda Caraker


    I’m a total nerd. I love Star Trek, Star Wars, all Sci-Fi and fantasy! I was totally in love with the Star Trek wedding we did last year!

    When I’m not working hard with The Dtales, you can find me at the Renaissance Fairs dressed up like a fairy. Or maybe you will find me at the sports bar yelling my head off for the Chicago Bears. I’m a tomboy kinda girl. I like getting dirty and love playing shooter games with my husband!

    Likes: I still love girly things like dressing a bride up like a princess or glamorous movie star for her big day. I owned my own bridal salon for 6 years and have worked a total of 13 years in the wedding fashion industry. I am honored to say that I am best friends with gown designing legends like Jim Hjelm. Ahhh, there is nothing like the smile of a bride when she has found the perfect dress!

    My wedding advice to all brides: There are ways to save money but don’t skimp on photography! The day flies by and you will want to look at your photos years down the road and smile!

    Life long Loves: My best friend and husband, Noah. My sweet bulldog, SugarLump. Music from the 40’s, BBC’s Downton Abbey and the smell of the plumeria blossoms on a beautiful Hawaiian evening.

    Pet Peeves: Dirty laundry on the floor!

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