Outdoor Spring Wedding Ideas


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Make the most of the Weather!!!!
One of the best parts about having a spring wedding is that it can be outdoors. For many, there’s nothing that lifts the spirits more than spending time in nature. If you’re hosting a more casual wedding, even consider providing lawn games for your guests, such as cornhole boards or croquet, to give them a way to enjoy the setting.
Also, this time of year yields lovely wedding pictures. Pick colors to complement the hues naturally occurring in nature to create a garden vibe. A bouquet of wildflowers could serve as inspiration, but pastel colors and green accents are popular choices.
And while we all know how unpredictable weather can be during the spring, you can always rent a tent to protect you and your guests from the sun, wind, or rain. Some couples provide umbrellas to the wedding party or print the program on a fan so their guests can use it to fight the heat.  PLAN B MUST ALWAYS BE KNOWN WELL IN ADVANCE!!!

Spring Ensembles
As you search for outfits for the ladies in your wedding party (including yourself), look for sheer or lightweight fabrics such as batiste, crepe, or satin. Pick higher hemlines, perhaps sundresses. Bring in nature inspired elements such as embroidery or overtones of beige or pink.
A few practical considerations: buy a wrap, cardigan, or shall to keep you warm and pretty in case the weather turns cold. And choose shoes that are suitable for walking on dirt or sand, such as flats. Heels sink in the ground and may not be the most appropriate choice.
You can also infuse a spring feel into the men’s wardrobe with tan suits or bowties with a pop of color.
Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!
Not only will flowers create a picturesque scene at your wedding, they will also symbolize the start of your new life together. In the spring flowers are blooming just like your relationship as husband and wife.
For these reasons, place flowers and fresh greenery everywhere: hanging from hooks, on table centerpieces, in the bathrooms, and down the aisle. Make sure the vases you purchase are heavy so they won’t knock over easily in the event of wind. And acquire floral garlands because you’ll surely find a place for them.
Great options for spring flowers include daisies, tulips, lilies, roses, and peonies. Purchasing in season flowers will also save you money. You can jazz up your spring bouquet by mixing in fruit, raspberries, strawberries, or blackberries, with your flowers. This would further support a garden theme.
The Menu
The food you serve can also create a spring ambiance. For instance, a strawberry or carrot cake would do the trick. Also, fresh vegetables, such as carrots, asparagus, or snap peas, and fruit, such as berries or apricots, would contribute to a garden vibe. Provide fresh drinks such as lemonade or iced tea to top it off.
Here are a few final elements to compliment your quickly approaching outdoor spring wedding:
• Incorporate floral designs or spring scenery and graphics on your invitations. Also use a font with an upbeat, fun feel.
• Rather than throwing rice, invite your guests to toss ecofetti or throw flower petals.
• Hand out bulbs or birdhouses as favors to your guests.

By Jessica Christensen
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