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Orlando marriage license

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Orlando marriage license

Yup, you have a little bit of legal stuff to take care of when you get married!!! You need to get that marriage license before it is official.

If you are like most brides, getting to the courthouse can be a whole day affair if you don’t live close (one of my brides lived an hour and a half away!) So….. I found a way to make your life a little easier for brides who are getting married in Florida! What an awesome service!

Married by Mail:

“For years the dedicated team of Officiants and Notaries of Married BY MAIL! have been assisting couples from all over the globe obtain their Marriage License with ease.  No frantic calls to make appointments…No scrambling to an unfamiliar location just days before your wedding…No adjustments of your schedule while you’re in town to accommodate the clerk’s office!”

Timing can be a $ saver, so plan ahead! I can vouch for the high quality service and reputation of this company. I have been blessed to know and work with Reverend Ferguson for years! Top notch team!

Wanna learn more? Click on the picture at the top and take a gander… (Ok, who really uses that word?)

Make it a rockin day!


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