Perfect Reception: Make Memories to Last a Lifetime


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Your wedding day is the most special day of your life. You have found the perfect partner, and your friends and family have gathered in one place to celebrate your love. Hosting the perfect reception will ensure that they remember the day as well as you do. Instead of falling into the boring mold of every wedding reception you have ever been to, create a unique event that reflects the personality of you and your partner.

Music to Move You

There is nothing worse than a boring wedding reception where everyone sits stiffly in front of his or her place cards for the duration of the event. The best way to get people up and mingling with each other is to have amazing music. This day only happens once, so resist the temptation to be your own DJ with an MP3 player. Live musical entertainment can be surprisingly inexpensive and always makes reception guests want to hit the dance floor.

Add a Unique Touch

Your love is special, and your reception should reflect your individuality. Wedding receptions that follow the standard formula found in every bridal magazine will blend together in the minds of your guests. Give them something to remember by adding unique touches to your reception that reflect the personality of you and your new spouse. It could be something as simple as one of a kind centerpieces or as elaborate as a choreographed first dance.

Offbeat Food

Nothing is more important at a wedding reception than food. It is the unspoken backdrop of every party. Offering your guests something unexpected and interesting is a great way to step beyond the boundaries of an ordinary reception. Some companies, like Pickleman’s, offer toasted sandwiches for large and small events. Choosing foods that everyone will like is key to having a great reception. You can also think about other things like pizza, cheesecake, and lemonade to drink. Talking to other married friends can help give you some ideas.

Have a Central Gathering Place

Even if you are not doing a buffet style meal, you should have an area that draws guests. A bonfire at an outdoor wedding, a chocolate fountain or a photo booth are all attractions that give more reserved guests the opportunity to do something fun while socializing. A unique activity will make for a memorable party.

You and your partner are unique. Use your creativity and individuality to design an event that you, your partner and your guests will never forget.

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