Perfect Wedding: How to Prep and Pamper Yourself for Your Big Day

Perfect Wedding: How to Prep and Pamper Yourself for Your wedding day

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The bride and groom are often the ones who put the most planning and effort into their own wedding. While they enjoy deciding many of the details and ensuring that everything is ready to go for the big day, they are often left feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed in the last weeks leading up to the ceremony. These four options will let them both feel pampered, special and relaxed for the most important day of their lives.

A Day at the Spa

For those who have the finances for it, a full day at the spa can be both relaxing and restorative. Many spas provide bridal packages that put together some of the most popular treatments for brides, such as manicures and pedicures, facials, body wraps and makeup application. A hot stone massage is another good option for deep tissue relaxation.

In-Home Massage

Those who do not have the time to spend an entire day at the spa could opt for an in-home massage. Surprisingly to some, the rate for an in-home massage is often quite similar to that of going to a spa. Besides, individuals are in the comfort of their own homes post-massage and do not have to go through the stress of traveling home.

Dental Work

Nothing can look worse in wedding day photos than yellow, chipped or missing teeth. A whitening treatment prescribed by a dentist, like those at places like Cloverleaf Dental Center, are far superior to an over-the-counter one. In addition, a dental implant is a great way to replace missing teeth. The implant can be matched to the size and color of the other teeth to look completely natural.

Make Time for Meditation

At any point in the day when the stress seems to be building up, brides and grooms can take 10 or 15 minutes for some quiet meditation. This can be a time to quiet the mind and to focus on pleasant and helpful thoughts rather than on stressful to-do lists. Deep breathing techniques or yoga can also be integrated for a full-body experience.
Brides and grooms need to make sure that they make plenty of time for themselves in the weeks before their wedding. Otherwise, they will find that they are too overwhelmed and stressed to enjoy the special day that they have planned for themselves. Taking time away from the busyness of the day and focusing on bettering oneself is not selfish. Rather, it is preservative of the person’s physical and mental health.

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