Planning a Destination Wedding Nobody Will Forget

Planning a Destination Wedding Nobody Will Forget

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Destination celebrations are a great way to share your big day with your closest friends and family members. With all weddings, the simplest of details are important, this rings true even more so when planning a destination wedding. Get your bags ready and read up on these tips to make your destination wedding a day that no one will forget.

Give Graciously

If you’re going the route of a having a destination wedding, it’s likely that your guest list will be much smaller than if you were tying the knot in your home state or city. With a smaller guest list you can give a little more to your guests. Consider showing your bridal party how much you appreciate them with a special gift basket filled with spa essentials like scrubs and lotions. Groomsmen can also indulge with a gift basket filled with gourmet cheeses. And your parents and your fiance’s folks will certainly enjoy a special basket filled with wine and bites. You don’t have to give big to say thank you for coming.

Remember to Be Considerate

Not all guests will have the same budget when traveling to attend your destination wedding. Rather than providing just one accommodation option, be sure to provide multiple hotel and resort options and varying price points to ensure that everyone feels comfortable with the cost. Hotel recommendations can be shared via mass email, on your wedding site or you can add an insert with lodging options in with your wedding invitation.

Offer a Flexible Dress Code

When picturing a destination wedding, thoughts of white sandy beaches and crashing waves in a tropical setting come to mind. Wherever you are tying the knot be sure that your dress-code preference suits the setting and environment. Instead of stuffy suits and gowns, request that your guests wear sandals and semi-formal beach attire, like light-weight shirts and chinos for men and breezy maxi dresses for women. Getting married somewhere cold or in an place where the weather is unpredictable? Be sure to tell your guests to pack accordingly and plan for the unexpected — just in case.

Plan Events for the Duration of Time Away

Think of your wedding as a vacation for your guests. Don’t let them just sit in their rooms waiting for your wedding day, rather, put together a brief itinerary or list of activities for attendees to enjoy. Offer suggestions of popular activities to do at your wedding’s location or organize group activities that get everyone involved, such as horseback riding or paddleboarding. Having fun activities planned will make your wedding unforgettable.

Nix the Bridal Party

Destination weddings are typically intimate with a small gathering of close friends and family members. With this in mind, you may want to consider forgoing a bridal party altogether. Weddings without bridal parties are becoming increasingly popular. And, this way, the focus is on you and your fiance on your big day. Plus, it cuts down on the stress that your wedding party would typically have to go through on your wedding day. Forgoing the bridal party gives your wedding a touch of informality and goes against the longstanding wedding tradition. But it’s your day. And you’re allowed to break the rules of tradition — if you want to.

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