Reception Rules: Ideas to Make Your Party Unforgettable

Reception Rules Ideas to Make Your wedding Party Unforgettable

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The most unforgettable wedding receptions find a perfect combination of romance, reflection, good music, food, fun, and an extra special wow factor. Finding the right balance is the biggest challenge any couple faces as they plan their night. These ideas to make your party unforgettable, and should help lead you in the right direction. You will have to decide which is right for your reception based on theme and the aspects most important to you and your significant other.

Alternative Fun

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Take the time to add an extra element of fun for everyone. A bouncy house is becoming quite popular (keep in mind, this is a bouncy house for the adults rather than the kids). And perhaps it would be a good idea to have one for each age group to satisfy all parties. You might also have interactive video game competitions such as dance offs and car racing. Choose something that is unique to you as a couple and will make your party a night no one will forget.

The Cake

the dates wedding cake naked
An entirely traditional wedding cake has become rather nontraditional. Although, one common factor remains in that regardless of the type of cake you choose, it must be spectacular and unique. Some choose a small, highly artistic, wedding cake and provide matching cupcakes for the guests. Other popular trends are personalized cookies and individual cake pops. The key to making this wedding tradition memorable, is to make it just as special for the guests as for the betrothed.

The Food

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Forget about a traditional catered reception. People want something original, and one of the best ideas is to hire your favorite food truck to cater your wedding reception. You can work with them to create a special menu in addition to their normal offerings, and you might even ask if they will create a special dish just for your wedding that combines both of your food loves. This is a great opportunity to show personality and support local businesses you love.

A Photo Booth

A photo booth continues to grow in popularity as it doubles as a keepsake for your guests, and lifetime reminders of your special day that a photographer would normally not capture. You can create your own photo booth, or you can hire one. An option exists for every budget. The photo booth is often the favorite memory for guests and it provides the busy couple with opportunities to see exactly how much fun was being had by everyone.

A Romantic Element

The Dtales florida wedding reception orlando florida
Try to include a romantic element for everyone to enjoy. Weddings are filled with people in love, from grandmothers and grandfathers to people who are just getting to know one another. Try to choose a venue that will allow for something special for everyone to capitalize on the romance in the air. For example you might offer a romantic stroll around a lake or pond, or horse carriage rides for all couples throughout the reception. Starting off the dancing with a few slow numbers for the bride and groom can jump start a romantic, dance-filled evening for guests as well.


If you provide drinks or an open bar throughout your reception, be a good host and have alternative transportation available. A DWI lawyer in Austin says getting arrested under these circumstances can mean a hard case against you in court. It is recommended you let guests know up front, no drunk driving will be tolerated. You can procure services such as a shuttle bus to and from the hotel, shared ride services, taxis and designated drivers to make the evening safe for everyone.


The way a couple arrives and leaves the wedding reception has become a significant talking point for wedding attendees over the years. Choose something that is suited for your interests and your personalities such as a sports car if you feel the need for speed, a yacht if you are having a reception on the water, a classic car for the classic couple, and so much more.

To create an unforgettable wedding reception, include the personalities and interests of both you and your partner and include the guests in the celebration. These things, along with your love, will ensure the event to be a grand success filled with memories to last a lifetime in the eyes of everyone.

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