Allison + Jessi Romantic Spring Wedding at Shingle Creek

Every wedding is a magical mix of love and ambiance.  The Butler room at Shingle fits that description for sure and is one of the most unique ballrooms for any style wedding.  First of all, behind the scenes, a wedding takes on an entirely new meaning when you’re working with a brilliant group of creative minds. Because all day we were running from detail to detail because we excited about how all the planning would turn out. Seems like hanging out with friends, and makes “working” not feel like work at all. Between Luisa, Kristen and Lee – I couldn’t have asked for a better team and it didn’t end there.

Every vendor put their hearts in to Allison and Jesse’s wedding, and it showed. From the periwinkle pin tuck linens, to the custom ‘guest book’ the bride made, as a result, it was a wedding planner’s dream! While it was a detailed wedding with everything thought out, Allison’s taste shined through.  Because every idea we had was even better than the last we had to prioritize elements. Most of all, wedding planning with Allison was such a wonderful and fun experience and i am so glad to call her a friend.

How did they meet?

Allison and Yessid (Jesse, as his friends call him) met back in 2005 as students at UCF and I actually love the story of how they met, because it’s a meeting that almost never happened. When Jesse and Allison both decided against staying home to go to a movie on campus, they found each other and thus have been inseparable ever since.

Jesse actually transferred to Savannah for work in the summer of 2010, so they’ve been driving back and forth every weekend just to see each other! As a result, Savannah is their new home, and they celebrated with homemade Pralines at their reception! Such a cute wedding favor and a really cute personal touch!