Sassy Wedding Legs- show your groom some special lovin!

SassyWeddingLegs showyourgroomsomespeciallovin!

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Every sassy bride is looking for a way to bring a little vixen to their wedding.  I am MADLY in love with a perfect way to bring your sexy side out without making grandma blush.

Here is a perfect example of how to deliver the goods (and OMG the wedding photographer is gonna click click click to capture this incredible little secret!)

sassy love legs

Having a Peacock themed wedding?…. match away for a little bride decor.


BUT, if your sassiness is more reserved, as in your Mother-In-Law would be horrified (and you really care lol) you can still add a little pretty under your wedding dress. if you DO care, i guess no stockings would ever make her happy.  Just leave em off all together.One word of advice, be sure to wear SOMETHING under your dress to avoid a Lindsay Lohan moment 🙂

Would you go this far or just wimp out?



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Edmar 6/17/13

Elizabeth and Vincent, these photos are phmnneeoal. It looks like a wedding like no other, and you’ve captured it so beautifully. Love all of the edge lighting, it adds just the right tone.

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