Short Wedding Dresses: Are They Taboo?


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To wear or not to wear? Short wedding dresses have always been up for debate, and for good reason. They just plain travel off the mark of the traditional wedding dress so many women desire. However, wedding dresses as a whole have made some major changes, growing up from the classic princess gown to encompass styles like the mermaid, A-line, and even the high-low styles. Learn if and where short wedding dresses fit into this mix, and the pros and cons of choosing a short stunner for your wedding day.

How short are we talking?

In general, a short wedding dress is defined by any dress that does not sweep the floor. Even a calf-length dress is considered short, but is still the perfect length for a ‘tea party’ style wedding or an outdoor summer event. It’s the super short dresses, the knee sweepers and above, that make people raise their eyebrows, so be careful when choosing a short dress. You want to make sure that you are making the right impression on your big day rather than committing a serious fashion mistake.

short hi low wedding dress bridal gown

That being said, there are tons of glamorous and adorable knee length dresses, as seen here showcased by Glamour. The best way to wear a knee-length dress is to keep the style subtle, so keep the lace, accessories, and wild designs at bay. Too much design, like a full skirt, feather trim, and ample beading, can make your dress look less fun and more costume-y. Keep it simple. This way, your simple short wedding dress is a pleasing accent to your wedding rather than a gasp-inducing fashion disaster.

The acceptable short wedding dress

The best style of short wedding dress for any bride is the calf-length style. The reason for this is due to the obvious- it’s not too short and is incredibly figure-flattering. Any bride wanting a shorter dress can pair this style of gown with amazing shoes and feel like she can dance the night away. A great rule of thumb for this style of dress is this- keep the accessories below the knee as amazing as you want, but those above the knee on the down low to make this dress truly shine on your big day.

carolina herrera short wedding dresses wedding gowns bridal market fall 2014

You know you have a great short dress if it matches your taste in engagement rings. After all, your dress should match your style, so go with a simple dress if your engagement ring is understated, or opt for a more detailed gown if your engagement ring is a serious head turner. This is a great way to make sure you are choosing a short dress you really love.

The short dress you should never wear

As with any fashion adventure, there is a downside to any particular style. In the event of the short wedding dress, anything above the knee is a sheer disaster that no wedding theme can erase. To avoid a too-short blunder, make sure that your knees aren’t taking center stage as you walk down the aisle and keep your dress at knee length or longer. Sure, these super short wedding dresses may be all the rage on the catwalk, but worn on a real bride as she saunters to say her ‘I do’s, looks more like a Vegas drunken wedding than classic fashionable nuptials.

When it comes to going short on your big day, just remember this- the shorter you go, the more danger you put your fashion sense into. If you really do want a super short dress, consider the venue, the wedding decorations, and your own personal style before moving forward. Done correctly, almost any short wedding dress can be a real stunner, but you really have to be careful about length to make sure that your dress is simply amazing. Keep it knee length or longer, and you should be just fine if you are really dedicated to wearing a short wedding dress on your big day.


A few more to swoon over!  BUT, if your Mom is gonna have a fit, use this as a great excuse to get a reception dress like this!

carolina herrera short wedding dresses wedding gowns bridal market fall 2014

Carolina herrera short wedding dresses wedding gowns bridal market fall 2014

carolina herrera short wedding dresses wedding gowns bridal market fall 2014

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