Six Items for Every Bride’s Wedding To-do List

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Most women began planning the details of their dream wedding when they were still young girls, so when the time finally arrives, logic would suggest that most brides are well prepared to turn that dream into a reality.

If you’ve already planned your own wedding or participated in that of a close friend or family member, then you know logic sometimes has no place in wedding planning, and bridezilla is a real phenomenon. Many last-minute stressors, however, can be avoided by taking care of details months in advance that will make a big difference when the big day arrives.

1. Reserve the Venue as Early as Possible

The average engagement length is 11 months. Choose and reserve your wedding venue early so that you can set up an extended payment plan over the course of the engagement. A series of payments is easier on the budget than a single lump some payment.

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2. Book Your Photographer and DJ/Band

There isn’t much required from your wedding photographer and band before the event, so book them early and get those tasks out of the way.

3. Mail Invitations

Ensure your guests receive their wedding invitations early, usually eight weeks before the big day, and request RSVPs no later than three weeks before the wedding date. This gives your guests ample time to make plans, especially if yours is an out-of-town wedding, and it also helps in finalizing seating and meal planning for the reception in advance. If anyone hasn’t responded, have someone contact the invitees and confirm their attendance.

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4. Ensure Wedding Attire is Purchased or Rented and Altered

For everyone in the wedding party, make sure their tuxedos, gowns and accessories are purchased and the necessary alterations are done at least a few weeks before the ceremony. Last-minute alterations are both expensive and incredibly stressful.

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5. Prepare Your Home Before You Leave

If you and your finance have chosen to wait until after getting married before moving in together, you should take a few minutes to prepare your new home or apartment. Put any gifts you recevied in advance in your home. Move as much of your stuff as possible to the new place to prevent headaches when you get back from your honeymoon. As you prepare your new home, you may consider looking into a home securitysystem to protect your items while you are away as well as yourself and your spouse once you move in. If you are interested in getting a system installed, a local company can assist you with that.

6. Pack a Go Bag For Your Wedding Day

honeymoon packing


On the day of your wedding, your nerves are likely to get the best of you. A few nights before, pack a bag of essentials such as makeup, hair products, accessories or anything else you think you might need as you’re getting ready in the bridal suite.

Your wedding should be the happiest day of your life, so don’t let the stresses of wedding planning ruin it. While it’s not uncommon for brides to offer hollow threats of cancellation due to frustration and nerves, following this checklist can make the process smoother and everyone happier for the big day.

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