Six Ways to Honor Your Loved Ones at Your Wedding


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Life is an endless cycle of births and deaths and everything in between, therefore it is a good chance that not all loved ones will be present during your big day. As a result, many couples have devised ways of honoring their loved ones during their wedding or reception. Although there are many ways to acknowledge them, we have listed the most popular ways brides and grooms honor their loved ones.

Photo Table

Photo tables are an elegant way to highlight the special people in your life. Our favorite kinds of displays span several generations and have multiple pictures of the honored guests at different points of their lives.


Light a Candle

Candle-lighting ceremonies are nothing new, but we recommend a small variation to differentiate it from the usual candle-lighting ceremony. Select candles in your loved one’s favorite color. They could be from their favorite sports team or their college’s colors. Another option is using a flameless candle to demonstrate that your love for them will never burn out.

memorial wedding candle

Save a Seat

We have seen great success with this method, especially if the loved ones are unable to travel to the ceremony. Reserve a seat for them in the front row and use a photograph with a very heavy frame. The last thing you want is to see nana or paw-paw fall over and blow away during the ceremony. If you want an extra touch, bring in a laptop and Skype in the ceremony for your loved ones.

Program Mention

You can include a special acknowledgements section on your wedding program. You can write a quick statement recognizing the how the honoree(s) have a special place in your heart or write a small paragraph mentioning what makes each one special.


What better time to let the world know how special someone is than when you have their utmost attention? Write a charming little paragraph and read it during your speech to let everyone know how they played such a big part in your life. Chances are, they played a huge part in some of the guests’ lives too and the speech will be well received.


wedding bouquet memorial

Have a special brooch? How about a rosary or one of grandpa’s military medals? Check with your floral designer and inquire about adding it to your wedding bouquet.

Honoring your loved ones will never go out of style. Once you have become comfortable with the idea of honoring them in a public, you can move forward and decide the best way to acknowledge them. in an online retailer of quality wedding dresses, bridesmaid gowns, and wedding accessories. SimplyBridal now delivers to North America, much of Europe, and parts of Asia. There are over 400 wedding dress styles and bridesmaid dresses come in 28 colors.


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