Social Media Concierges: Why and How To Hire One For Your Wedding


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Planning a wedding can be an exciting process but equally as stressful, with the pressure to make it the perfect day. And with so many new styles, technological developments and creative ideas, there’s always something new that be added to your special day. What’s the latest trend? Hiring a social media concierge to take care of everything social-media-related at your wedding.

Why Hire a Social Media Concierge?

Social Media Concierges: Why and How To Hire One For Your Wedding

Social media has become such a big part of the events industry and people’s everyday lives, and while it’s something you may want to keep updated on one of the biggest days your life, you don’t want to be spending time worrying about it on the day. Having a social media concierge means you are able to showcase your wedding online and ensure the reflection of your day is treated with a professional touch.

You probably don’t want to worry about getting the perfect Instagram photo or writing a witty Facebook update on your day, so why not get someone to take care of it? And with so many cool new things that you can do with social media, your concierge can make sure that every moment is captured. They could create a hashtag that all guests can use when uploading photos and that way, you are able to see photos taken by other people and gather as many memories as possible.

What Should you Look for When Hiring?

1. Are They Organized?

To really get the benefit of the extra expense, a social media concierge should ensure a wide variety of social media updates that creatively uses and integrates platforms. Whether it’s taking and uploading Instagram photos, posting vines, pinning registry items on Pinterest, checking in at wedding events or managing Twitter hashtags, the responsibilities of a social media concierge can be vast and time-consuming. Therefore, ensuring you have someone who is organized and able to manage the workload is crucial. The whole point of having this concierge is to make sure your special day is reflected on all your social accounts and shared with people.

2. Are They Experienced?

Social media can get tricky as there are so many platforms, integration opportunities and creative techniques that can be used. Try hiring someone who has experience in the social sphere as this means they would have more exposure to unique and effective ideas.

Rather than just Facebook updates, experience in social media may mean that your concierge comes up with ideas like a socially-integrated wedding blog. The blog could document every step of the wedding from the proposal to the organization, to the actual day.

Even the simplest social media ideas can be made better, as experienced social media people will know, like how an Apple iPhone 7’s durability and superior camera quality make it great for taking Instagram photos on the go. Ideas like this can make your wedding extra special and make hiring a social media concierge worthwhile.

As a bride-to-be, it’s understandable that you want to make sure that your wedding day is special. A social media concierge can add that extra touch to ensure that the experience is shared with everyone without taking too much of your own time. Use these tips to help you decide how a social media concierge can help you and what to look for when hiring one.

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