Something Borrowed, Something Blue: 5 Other Reminders For Your Big Wedding Day!!!

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When it comes to wedding bell bliss, there are lots of things to remember to have ready for the big day. The problem is, there are also lots of things that can get overlooked or forgotten completely. When it comes to planning a wedding, no detail is left unnoticed by guests, but it can be a lot to carry on one dinner plate. It’s easy to remember things like brining the veil, picking up the tux, and choosing what food to serve. However, there are lots of details that can get left behind. Here are five reminders to keep in mind for the big day.

Back-Up Shoes

For every bride that is set on wearing heels as she walks down the aisle, it is always a good idea to bring some back up shoes for the reception. After the ceremony and countless poses with the photographer, it’s easy to say feet are getting the short end of the stick. If the bride’s feet are in pain by the time she makes it to the reception, there’s no need to panic, because Plan B shoes can be kept on hold and placed under your sweetheart table for the moment you need them. Now instead of wincing during the dances, feet and the bride can have a good time.

Dont forget the boys!!!  Those Tux shoes can be uncomfortable too!!!


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Marriage Certificate

One hugely important detail to bring to the wedding ceremony is the marriage certificate. Surprisingly enough, this slip of paper often goes forgotten. Get all documentation taken care of in plenty time before the wedding date. Don’t scramble last minute searching for the certificate, either. Be sure it’s kept with someone trustworthy or packed up right alongside all the other essentials.


Beauty Check

Don’t forget to take care of those pearly whites before the wedding day. To achieve that picture-perfect smile, teeth whitening is recommended by the professionals at Drake Dentistry. A smile is the best accessory!

Emergency Kit

It is a great idea for brides to pack a little emergency kit of things as back up or for a “just in case” scenario. An emergency kit can include extra makeup, lip gloss, dental floss, mints, deodorant, bobby pins, and anything else you can possibly think of.

 bridal emergency kit

Thank You Notes

We all know to be sure after the wedding day is over to send out thank you notes to all guests who attended the wedding to thank them for their gift.  But dont forget a handwritten note to your vendors.  If you loved their performance throughout the wedding planning and the night of your wedding a simple “thank you” will ;et them know you appreciate everything you did for them 🙂 This shows them both appreciation and courtesy. Make a point to handwrite them for a more personal touch.

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