Sticker shock? Add a bit of YOU to the wedding.

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If you want to add a truly personal touch to your wedding celebrations what better way to do it than with decorative stickers with the bride and groom’s initials printed upon them? Wedding stickers are a wonderful way to make your special day all about YOU – because of course that’s exactly what it is!

Adding little touches that are personalized can elevate a DIY wedding. The beauty of printed stickers is that anyone can easily create fabulous little dashes of monogrammed heaven all over your event without needing to be in the least bit artistic. Wedding stickers are an elegant way of adding the icing on the (wedding) cake from the minute you send out your invitations or save the date cards right though until the moment your guests are leaving your reception clutching their wedding favors in their hands.

And because printed wedding stickers tend to come in all sorts of wonderful colors and shades you’ll be able to find some that suit your wedding color scheme perfectly.

Check out how to make your very own coasters for your wedding reception – and guess what – they double up as favors too!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own personalized coasters:

v  Packs of plain or decorated round coasters the same size as your stickers (cork, wood, anything will do – and cheap is fine as you’re going to be beautifying them!)

v  Your wedding stickers

v  PVA craft glue (such as Mod Podge)

v  Brush

v  Felt and scissors (optional)

 wedding favors, DIY, coasters


Step One:

Take your coasters and carefully apply a sticker to the surface of each one, making sure that there are no wrinkles, air pockets or bubbles.

wedding favors, DIY, coasters

Step Two:

Apply a thin layer of glue over the coaster and sticker to ensure it is longer lasting and not damaged by the bottoms of wet glasses. Allow to dry.

wedding favors, DIY, coasters

Step Three:

This is optional but if you want to go the extra mile, once your coaster is bone dry, place it face down on the felt, draw around it and then cut out the circle of felt, making it slightly smaller than the size of the coaster so it doesn’t overlap the edges. Apply glue to the felt and press the coaster firmly on to it. Allow to dry. Or, alternatively, you could even make your coasters double sided and use both your initials.

wedding favors, DIY, coasters

Step Four:

Well, apart from having goodness knows how many more to make, that’s it – you’re done. Congratulate yourself and pour yourself a drink. Oh, and don’t forget to use a coaster!

Does anyone else have any creative ideas for using monogrammed or personalized stickers? If so why not share them with everyone in the comments? Happy crafting!

Anne Dee is an aspiring wedding photographer and writer she loves to write wedding tips, DIY tutorials and contribute it to various wedding blogs. Follow her on Twitter @AnneDee89





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