Summer Gowns and Bridal Fashions to See You through the Heat

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The idea of a traditional wedding is something most future brides and grooms still hold dear, and with the blustery days of winter long gone, there is no doubt why summer weddings continue to be popular. Despite the warm temperatures, brides still want to dress themselves and their bridal party in formal wear for the big event. And they can, with just a few tips to make sure their fashions are cool, comfortable, and season appropriate.

The Ceremony

The outfit a bride chooses needs to correspond to the locale chosen for both the ceremony and reception. Ceremonies held in houses of worship, demand dresses with a genuine degree of modesty. Short, mid-length and long gowns are fine, with simple additions if necessary.
Brides who wish to wear strapless or halter top gowns, can cover-up in a decorative shrug that covers the chest and shoulders. Bridesmaids may be asked to do the same. One suggestion is to wear gowns that come with detachable toppers. A lightweight cardigan or lace jacket works well. It’s perfect for your look during the ceremony and offers for variety when you can take it off for the reception outdoors.

Indoors, Outdoors, or at the Beach

Summer Gowns and Bridal Fashions to See You Through the Heat
Summer Weddings have the advantage of beautiful sunsets and amazing outdoor venues. Daytime weddings naturally call for gowns being lightly woven with cotton-blend fabrics. Major clothing companies like J.Crew offer an impressive selection of wedding ensembles, designed just for summer weddings.
Beach weddings combine the splendor of the ocean, with the romance of one’s wedding day. Brides might wish to consider a short or three-quarter length dress to remain sand free. If the bride is wearing a long beach wedding dress, the sand beneath her feet will necessitate a hem just a couple inches higher for neatness sake. A company like Moonlight Bridal can help you find a collection with the right material and length for your summer venue.

Bridesmaid Are Individuals

Summer Gowns and Bridal Fashions to See You Through the Heat
A recent trend holds that each bridesmaid dress according to her own personality and body type. While individuality is stressed, the color and dress itself must be approved by the soon-to-be bride. Many brides still retain the right to wear a long gown, with her maids-in-waiting dresses in short or mid-length dresses. Because of the heat, bare legs and open sandals complete the look.

Comfort is Important

Summer Gowns and Bridal Fashions to See You Through the Heat
Brides should make sure their gowns are comfortable no matter what the season or temperature outside. Warmer weather demands fabrics that breathe, and every bride should make sure she is able to do the same. To do this, gowns and dresses generally are worn without excessive petticoats.

The important factor is that a bride feels like a princess in her gown, no matter how simple or ornate her wedding plans may be.

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