Tips to Prepare for a Destination Wedding

Tips to Prepare for a Destination Wedding

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When you are planning your wedding day, make it an adventure and choose a destination wedding. You can go out of the city, town, state, or country for your big day. Choose a destination that is both exciting and scenic. When you choose a destination wedding, your family and friends not only get to experience – and participate – in your special day, they also get a vacation out of the deal, a win-win situation for everyone! Before you decide that the destination wedding theme is a go, make sure you view the tips below that can help you prepare for taking your wedding day on-the-road!

Top Destination Wedding Locations

You cannot have a destination wedding without choosing a location that is away from your current city or town. Be very careful – and choosy – when you select the location for your wedding; location sets the mood for the entire event, from the music, decorations, guest list, bridal gowns and accessories, to the time of day you will be married. The top destination wedding locations include: Bermuda, the Caribbean, Paris, Italy, Las Vegas, and Costa Rica.

Beach Weddings

Most brides and grooms choose a destination wedding on a beautiful sandy-beach. There are a variety of locations you can choose for your beach wedding. The Bahamas, Florida, Jamaica, and Mexico are some of the top beach wedding destinations. If you want something a little more removed try a colder beach in the Northwest or near the East coast like Ft Walton beach weddings. When you get married at a beach resort, the venues typically provide all of the wedding essentials, including decorations, set-up, and catering. The resort will have an expert planner to help make sure your wedding day goes off without a hitch.

Timing is Everything

When it pertains to destination weddings, timing is everything. You want to choose a season when the weather is beautiful, because you don’t want weather conditions to limit what you can or cannot do on your wedding day, and you also want to keep the safety of your guests in mind. Traveling during hurricane season to a secluded island is not the best idea if you are having a beach wedding. Remember that tourist season is typically the best time to get married on a beach, weather-wise; therefore, you want to book the resort and reserve a block of rooms for your guests well in advance to ensure availability.

Choosing to have a destination wedding can be exciting to plan, and fun to have. Before you choose a destination, be sure you know as much about the location as possible. Try to visit the location if you can. Seeing the location and venues in-person is better than the brochure. Make sure you have researched the legal marriage requirements before you choose a destination wedding. There are some countries that have residency requirements that must be met. You want your wedding to go smoothly, regardless if you are staying in-town, or if you decide to go on-the-road for the big day!

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