Top 6 Reasons Why the Bride-to-Be Needs Vitamin B12 Injections


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As an excited bride-to-be, you have probably been overwhelmed by the amount of helpful information out there. But after a while, it all seems redundant. After all, how many suggestions do you really need to consider when it comes to cake toppers? Centerpieces? Wedding songs? Lighting options? I dont know about you but there can be days where it all just seems to be floating around in my head and i am EXHAUSTED!

However, this is one piece of advice we can almost guarantee you haven’t heard before – and one you really should be aware of.

What is Vitamin B12?
As the title of this article suggests, we’re going to be talking about the importance of vitamin B12. But what exactly is vitamin B12?
This essential nutrient is one of eight vitamins found in the vitamin B complex. All of the B vitamins are necessary for converting food into fuel for energy. Vitamin B12 has a few extra responsibilities. It also helps maintain the nervous and circulatory system.
Considering a healthy nervous and circulatory system are pretty important when it comes to overall health, it is safe to assume quite a few bad things can pop up if you aren’t getting enough of this nutrient.

You might also be wondering why we are insisting on injections. Surely there are other ways to supplement this vitamin, right? Sure, there are other supplementation methods – like oral pills, transdermal patch and nasal spray. However, those other methods don’t work nearly as well. The body doesn’t absorb enough of the actual vitamin from those forms of supplementation. Because an injection puts the vitamin directly into the muscle, 100% of the dose is absorbed by the body. You’ll see soon enough why it is so important to receive as much of the vitamin B12 supplement as possible!

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Why Every Bride-to-Be Needs Vitamin B12 Injections
Let’s take a look at the top six reasons why you should consider vitamin B12 injections before the big day (and maybe even for the first few stressful months of marriage!).

1. A vitamin B12 deficiency wreaks havoc with your overall health.
Check out the most common symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency:
• Memory loss – All those things on your pre-wedding checklist are essential – you can’t possibly run the risk of forgetting any of them!
• Tingling and numbness of the hands and feet – Imagine the spotlight is on you for the first dance and you can’t feel your feet, let alone get them to go where you want to. Embarrassing.
• Difficulty walking – Can you picture the look on your groom’s face if you stumbled down the aisle?!
• Loss of appetite – Losing weight before the big day might seem appealing. But losing so much your dress begins to resemble a potato sack is not flattering.
• Anxiety – You have plenty of stress already. You don’t need your body to cook up more of that stuff.
• Panic attacks – Really, do you want to be freaking out about the fate of your marriage now?!
• Canker sores – Enough said!

2. Vitamin B12 plays a major role in the health of your hair.
There are several nutrients that are essential for healthy hair growth – vitamin B12 is one of them. Our bodies prioritize the distribution of nutrients in our body. Essential organs – like the brain, heart, etc. – get their fill first. Whatever is left over trickles down to our hair, skin and nails. If you aren’t getting enough vitamin B12, your hair will definitely suffer.

In fact, a deficiency of vitamin B12 can lead to hair loss. Ew! Who wants a bald bride?! Fortunately, once B12 levels are restored, normal hair growth will resume.
Vitamin B12 also helps maintain your hair’s natural color and ward off premature gray. This comes in handy when planning a wedding and the abundance of stress threatens to lighten your locks.

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3. Your skin benefits from vitamin B12 injections.
If you aren’t getting enough vitamin B12, your skin will take on a dull, unhealthy appearance. The pale appearance of your complexion is a significant indicator of poor circulation and malnutrition. Fortunately, just a few doses of vitamin B12 can help restore your skin’s youthful glow.
Here are other things the bride will want to avoid – eczema breakouts, skin lesions and canker sores. All of these nasty buggers can appear on the scene if you aren’t getting enough vitamin B12. But again, just a few doses can quickly treat the current outbreaks and prevent future ones.

Lastly, vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in the prevention of premature lines and wrinkles. No bride wants to look 10 years older than she really is.

4. Your nails want their dose of vitamin B12 too.
Like we mentioned before, your hair, skin and nails are at the bottom of the nutrient distribution totem pole. If you aren’t getting enough vitamin B12, your nails will never get what they deserve. And if your nails aren’t supplied with adequate nutrients, they will become brittle, pitted and really unattractive.

5. Vitamin B12 helps you sleep better.
By increasing your levels of vitamin B12, you can have healthier sleep patterns. You’ll enjoy more restful slumber and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

6. Vitamin B12 can help you lose weight.
Many health professionals recommend using vitamin B12 for weight loss. Since the nutrient is essential for optimum health, you aren’t adding any synthetic, potentially dangerous chemicals to your body. It is one of the most natural ways to shed unwanted pounds.

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If you think vitamin B12 injections sound like the cure to what ails you, talk to your doctor. A few extra doses of vitamin B12 could be just what you need to get you through the happy – yet stressful – wedding planning phase.

Martha Delgado is a health and fitness writer. She is a big fan of using vitamin B12 injections for weight loss and warding off major health risks (like stroke, heart disease and dementia). She recently shared her thoughts about the B12 injection benefits on eB12injections. If you want to know more about vitamin B12 injection benefits or how to stay healthy before the big day, contact Martha on Google+ or Twitter.

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