Tricks to Fit into Your Dream Wedding Dress

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Planning a dream wedding, but afraid you might not fit into that dream dress? It is a common problem many brides face, but one that comes with a number of helpful techniques to try out. Use some of these strategies to lose those last couple pounds, and slip yourself right into the ensemble you have always wanted for your big day.

Low Carb Diet

We all know dieting can help us slim down, but often brides have to lose a bit of weight quickly to fit into that wedding gown. Sometimes, you only have a week to get rid of those last few pounds and slip into your dress! When this is the case, how you diet is important. A week of low carb eating, with plenty of greens and lean protein, can do wonders for taking just a few pounds off the scale. Plus, your bloat will go down before the big day.

Water, Water, Water

In addition to any low carb diet, you need to make sure you are guzzling water. Water is an amazing element to use in dieting, as it takes away bloat, and makes you look more toned overall. Plus, if you are cutting carbs, your body will be more likely to become dehydrated.

Pay Attention to the Time

Another smart trick is to always pay attention to when you are eating. Stopping those meals at an early hour is a clever way to wake up lighter. Pick a time each day, say 6 pm, the week before the big day to stop meals and snacks, and stick to it.

Light Toning

You might not have time for a full workout every day when you are getting ready for the wedding, but you will be surprised how far just a bit of light lifting can do. Use a small weight each night and do a few curls. Your arms and abs are likely to tighten up, giving you a few less inches in your gown.


Finally, do not be afraid to take supplements. This does not mean diet pills, but rather all natural supplements like fiber supplements from Nature’s Sunshine, and other fiber pills. Fiber does wonders to help the body trim down, and is entirely safe to use.

Really, most women have better things to worry about on their big day than how many calories they’ve just eaten. Do yourself a favor and try some of these easy hints, and you’ll be smiling pretty on the aisle.

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