Turning Wedding Day Rain into Wedding Day Gain

wedding day rain

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Waking up on your wedding day, the last thing you want to hear is the pitter patter of rain drops. It’s true that a little rain can bring luck, but a downpour on your big day? That would be a no. We all wish we had an “in” to make the weather cooperate the way we want, but let’s face it, unless we want to spend the morning trying to scare the rain away, we may need to find a different solution. So what happens if Mother Nature decides not to heed your personal prayers for perfect weather? Luckily, many brides today are embracing the other side of rain, the sweet, sensual side, and they’re using it to their advantage. Here are a few ways to turn those dreary drops into sweet, happy tears.

Make a good memory out of a sad face one

Think about how you can make the memory of a rainy day awesome? Gather rain a jar or vase, then if you are deciding a memory, consider using the water for a christening or watering a special tree that you plant in celebration

Grab an Umbrella

Umbrellas are coming back as trendy, and even romantic. Sharing an umbrella requires a certain level of intimacy, so many brides are grabbing their groom and heading out for pictures in the drizzle. Grab a brightly colored one, like yellow or red, so it will contrast with the grey backdrop outside. A black and white scene of the two of you beneath a bright red umbrella is nothing shy of old Hollywood glamour.
If you’re having an outside reception, be sure to have umbrellas on hand for your guests. Better yet, if you can get them to coordinate with your wedding colors, it’ll be like inviting your entire guest list into the wedding party. By pulling them into the scene in coordinating colors, you’ll be making sure your day is memorable for everyone. The pictures will be great! Just make sure that any outdoor patio furniture that needs covering is done so as quickly as possible to reserve dry seats for your guests.

Gather Galoshes

So maybe your gal pals happen to be coming around for your big day during the one week that your town is to have record-breaking precipitation. Prepare them for the drizzle by gathering up some cute galoshes to carry with them as you go through all of the wedding preparations. Be sure to snap a few photos of you and the girls traipsing around town. You can even try to coordinate these with their dresses to keep their feet firm on the ground when walking down the aisle.

Recreate a Famous Scene

Fandango put together a great list of famous kissing in the rain scenes. If you know ahead of time that a few drops may be coming your way, set up an outdoor photo booth at your reception for guests to recreate the scenes. Fill a waterproof tote with props for those brave enough to venture, have a photographer ready, and be prepared for a slew of great, movie-worthy scenes. Be sure to grab your partner for a few well-documented kisses of your own.
Whether you’ve got a downpour on your hands or are a little trickle, these few ideas are sure to turn your wedding rain into wedding gain.

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