Vintage style- the hottest trend for 2014

Wedding style trends

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Vintage style weddings seem to be the rage in 2013. The vintage style is reflected in wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, the wedding cake and the wedding décor.


So what is vintage style? I am just too in love with this open and flexible style. so many pretty options! You can create that vintage look with lace, pretty floral prints and distressed painted wood accessories.
Many brides are choosing simple fitted dresses which are decorated with beautiful Victorian style lace along with elegant satin shoes. Wedding cakes evoke the vintage feel with pretty sugar roses, lace style decorations and large satin ribbons. Again, the cakes are simple and elegant.


So how do you create vintage style table decorations? Vintage style wedding décor can be easily created. The key is to ensure that every item around the room fits in with the theme, if it doesn’t don’t include it. As mentioned, lace is popular and pretty lace tablecloths or table runners create the perfect base. You can use little lace decorated favour bags and many filigree style decorations such as place cards have that lace feel.

Limit the number of colours you use. Pretty pastel prints, pastel pink or lilac look amazing, fresh garden green creates a fresh feel. Add simple satin ribbons to decorations. Try and use decorations which have a real natural feel about them – wood, flowers and traditional fabrics such as lace, satin and cotton.


You build your table decorations up from the base. Start with a tablecloth, crisp white is ideal and then you can either place your decorations onto this or, as mentioned earlier, add a lace cloth or runner. For table centrepieces pastel flowers such as roses in simple vases look amazing, birdcages are popular and you can fill these with favours or flowers or vintage style cake stands, again ideal for presenting your favours. Real or satin rose petals can be sparingly dotted on the table. Each place setting will need a place card and there are plenty of lace style designs available. Each place will also need a napkin and this can be a pretty paper printed napkin, a pastel printed napkin or plain white linen with a satin ribbon tied to it.


Each chair at the table can have chair tie which can be secured with a vintage style buckle. Any features in the room such as fireplaces can have a vase of flowers placed on them. Signage around your wedding venue can be chalkboards or painted and distressed wood. You can string bunting across the room and this can often be made to order in the colours and prints of your choice.

One key point to note is that you easily spoil the vintage feel by placing metallic confetti on the tables or using choosing bright colours which just don’t fit in with the theme.

In summary, keep it simple, choose one or two colours and use natural looking products for that real vintage feel.

Author: Gill Marshall Director of So Raise Your Glasses the UK based quality celebration store.

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