Ways to Make Your Venue Unique Compared to Other Weddings

Ways to Make Your Venue Unique Compared to Other Weddings

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If you are like majority of couples getting married, you will put a great amount of thought into planning your big day, and choosing the venue will be one of the most important decisions that you make. Weddings can take place almost anywhere, from a ballroom to a faraway beach. Even though you may choose one of the wedding venues that have been used by countless couples before you, there are a variety of ways that you could make the venue truly unique on your special day.

Covered Bridges

You can make history with your wedding venue choice; literally. A covered bridge allows you to incorporate bits and pieces of history into your wedding. Most of the covered bridges found in the United States are a historical relic from one time. Even though the wedding will take place outdoors, you and your guests will be covered in the case of inclement weather. This is also a great idea if you want an outdoor wedding in the summer time; your guests will be shaded with the bridge cover.

Cave Weddings

Getting married on the beach, or an island, may seem traditional, but if you got married inside of a cave at one of these locations, you could make the venue unique. Your wedding coordinator could contact a resort owner that has a cave available. Do not worry; these venues will be held near the mouth (entrance) of the cave, and they are safe. The rock formations make the background for your wedding photos absolutely breathtaking.

Banquet Rooms

Being married in a banquet room has many possibilities. If you love music, turn the wedding into the ultimate music venue. Decorate the room with lyric signs; you can even attach lyric plates to the chairs that guest will sit in. Instead of carrying flower bouquets, use tambourines. Set up a stage where guests can do a karaoke type performance throughout the night. For example, Monte Carlo Inns Mississauga banquet halls allow you to bring in unique d├ęcor and items when you choose one of their banquet rooms for your wedding.

Park Theme

Getting married at a park may not seem unique, but when you customize the venue, it can be. Recreate your favorite park outing on your big day. For catering, use food trucks instead of buffet lines or a sit-and-serve type of setting. Instead of round and square tables, rent out matching picnic tables. The food trucks could represent a time from the past; for instance, if you got engaged in Times Square, NY, recreate the atmosphere with the food served on the trucks; you could also use the food served at the stadium or arena of your favorite sporting team. These unique ideas would also be great if you were married on the rooftop of a hotel or loft.


Choosing a wedding venue may be an important task, but it can be exciting to do. When you sit down with your wedding planner, you will need to think about a venue and idea that represents you, the groom, and the overall theme of your wedding. Customizing your wedding venue is what will truly make the location unique.

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