Wedding Alternative Beauty Ideas for a Unique Theme or Design

Wedding Alternative Beauty Ideas for a Unique Theme or Design

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Every couple looks forward to their wedding day. It is a memorable time with family and friends, celebrating your love and commitment to each other. With some planning and creativity, a bride and groom can feel and look fantastic on their special day. Some beauty treatments will take more time to complete, so this should be taken into consideration when planning some of these alternative beauty ideas.

Nail Detail

Any bride wants to have every part of her looking great, and if you have a fun relatable theme to go with it, consider adding a little detail to the nails. Whether it’s simply the theme colors, or a recognizable logo from your favorite show, add a little of your personality to your beauty routine that will match the design of the wedding.

Dental Work

No matter what your theme or design, the happy couple will be smiling from ear to ear on their wedding day. And pictures are taken at every moment which puts a lot of attention on teeth! Teeth whitening or even more extreme measures like straightening procedures may be something that could be considered. Braces or other more involved procedures will take many months or even years, so plan accordingly. Research a reputable Coquitlam Centre dental clinic to get expert advice from Maple Ridge orthodontists and dentists.

Skin Treatments

Your joy will likely light up your whole face as you stand before your guests. To make the most of this natural glow, it’s a good idea to prepare your skin beforehand by receiving facial treatments. There are many options ranging from organic peels and facials, to light therapy or injections. It is important to remember that different people react uniquely to treatments. Make sure that any new skin procedure is done well ahead of your wedding day so you don’t end up trying to cover up a bad reaction.

Body Modification/Art

For some individuals, the body is a canvas waiting to be covered with beautiful art. Many brides even pick their wedding gowns based on their tattoo placement. Other brides painstakingly try to cover work they regret having done. Whatever your situation is, keep in mind time constraints when planning a new tattoo or the removal of an old one. Removal especially, is difficult to estimate, so give yourself some time to work with. For a unique wedding outdoors or in warm weather, make sure you plan accordingly and have a dress that can be modified with a jacket or wrap.

Health and Nutrition

There are many benefits to starting a clean eating regiment before your wedding day. Your body will look and feel better when you eliminate unhealthy foods from your diet. This is a great challenge to take on as a couple! Cooking together is a fun experience, and it may be easier to stay on track if you are in it together. You may even lose weight in the process! Combine this healthy eating with yoga, hiking, or other fitness activity and you will look and feel your best for your big day.

Wedding planning can be stressful, but looking and feeling beautiful on your special day should not be. Give yourself time to make the arrangements you think you will need for your wedding day goal. Be realistic and enjoy the compliments you receive after all of your efforts pay off.

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