Wedding Day Gift Ideas for Your Groom

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A few weeks until the wedding and you just remembered you haven’t bought your groom a gift. Breathe, bride-to-be. Don’t panic.

On a very basic level, we give gifts because we’re supposed to — it’s tradition. Birthdays, holidays and anniversaries are often accompanied by gifts. But on a deeper level, we do it (or we’re supposed to do it) out of love and appreciation. At it’s heart, gift giving is meant to bring joy to both the giver and the receiver.

On your wedding day, you’ll likely receive many gifts but only give one or two. Obviously you want them to be meaningful, but with so much else on your mind, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. If you’re grasping at straws for ideas on what to get your groom, consider customizing one of these:

Go the Traditional Route

Traditional groom’s gifts are often classy and practical: a timepiece, keychain, pocket knife, money or tie clip, wallet or cuff links. But practical doesn’t have to be impersonal. To customize any one of these gifts, consider having them engraved with your initials, wedding date or a meaningful phrase. On Etsy you can find hand-carved collar stays, like those made by Dawanna Young from Peaces of Indigo that read “I love you.” At eFlasks, many liquor flasks and cigar tubes include a free personalized engraving. On the morning of your wedding, consider having any of these dropped off at your groom’s door with a heartfelt, handwritten note.

How About the Honeymoon

Everyone always thinks about the wedding day gift, but what about the honeymoon? If your groom is all set for your special day, give him something that will get him ready for the honeymoon. If you’re headed overseas, consider getting him new designer luggage or a custom made passport cover holder, like the ones sold by Bramble and Beene. Headed somewhere tropical and warm? Consider getting your guy bamboo sunglasses that float in water just in case he drops them at the beach. Have your bags packed for a road trip? Ask a friend to help you compile a custom CD with all of his and your favorite songs. Depending on what you decide, you may want to hold off giving him this gift until you arrive at your honeymoon destination.

Life as Husband and Wife

If an experience gift is more up your alley, give your groom something the two of you can do together as husband and wife. Consider getting him season tickets to watch his favorite local team or heavy-duty Simms fishing gear, for both you and him, if he loves the outdoors. If he’s sentimental, buy him a gift certificate to the first restaurant where you dined together on a date. On sites like Cloud 9 Living and Groupon you can find local deals on dinner cruises, guided city tours, flying and driving adventures, hot balloon rides and spa packages — all of which you could enjoy together as newlyweds. With enough planning, these could act as date night ideas for the first few months of your new life as husband and wife. If he isn’t the type to remember to get you something on your wedding day (other than a beautiful wedding, of course) then this gift may be the perfect present to come home from the honeymoon to.

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