Wedding Day: Tips For A Beautiful Wedding On A Budget

WeddingDay TipsForABeautifulWeddingOnABudget()

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Your wedding day should be a unique expression of your love. Your family and friends have gathered to celebrate your love. A gathering that is devoted to sharing your love should be beautiful in and of itself. Weddings can be beautiful without needless spending. How many friends do you have that poured over $30,000 in a wedding only to deal with a financial headache afterwards? With some frugal planning, you can have a charming wedding that is under $10,000 or even $3,000. It is possible to have a romantic storybook wedding on a budget by following a few tips.

Make a List

Spend your time focusing on the elements that are most important. In fact, a married couple might tell you that their wedding was a blur of snapping photographs. Chances are they were not paying a great deal of attention to the centerpieces or the flowers on the actual day of the wedding. Make a list of items that you would like to prioritize in your budget. Whittle it down until you can both agree on items that are of importance. It is also wise to not subscribe to the idea that your gifts will pay for the wedding. That is a fallacy.

Marry off Peak Season

If you do not get married during the peak wedding season you will save a bundle. In fact if you wed between November and March your wallet will be much thicker. That is partially because if you marry at an off peak time you most likely will not have to compete with other couples vying for the same venue. You will save even more money if you do not get married on a Saturday. It is becoming more common for people to get married on Fridays and Sundays now, so your guests should not have too many qualms about it.

Intimate Weddings

Weddings are often best when they are intimate. Look at your guest list. Do you need your parent’s coworker’s daughter to be in attendance? You should make sure that your wedding is composed of close friends and family.

Save Paper

You can also save money by sending out your “save the dates” by email and then making your own wedding invitations to send to guests later. If you can be crafty with printing on card stock paper you can save a bundle. You can also forgo party favors, because they often get left on the table anyways.

Talented Family Members

Also try to rely on talented people in your family. Most gifted family members would be honored to sing, DJ, make floral arrangements, do the bride’s hair or other tasks. If you have an excellent baker in the family consider asking them to make your cake. Family and friends are often glad to lend a hand!

Funding Options

Also rely on nontraditional funding options. If you are struggling to receive a loan from a bank to help with the cost of your wedding, you do have other options to explore. Houston hard money lenders can help you prepare for funding your big day. That is because they can offer loans to clients that are more personalized than what a bank will typically be able to offer.

Venue Quotes

When getting a quote from a venue try to not disclose it is for a wedding until after you get a quote in writing. Instead of disclosing you are looking at the venue for a wedding, tell them that you are hosting a party for 50, 100 or 150 people. Just tell the limo service the number of hours you need the limo, such as two, in order to get a quote.

Following these tips should help you save a massive amount of money on your special day.

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