Wedding Gifts: Five Ideas for your Husband on Your Wedding Day!

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Joining in marriage is a truly wonderful occasion that should be celebrated by all. Today, more and more couples are choosing to purchase wedding gifts for their new spouses. These gifts are usually given the night of the wedding or the day before the wedding. Since the idea of a wedding gift for the newly wed couple is such a new one, many people struggle finding the perfect gift. For brides seeking out the perfect gift for her husband, here are five unique gifts that he will definitely love.


Handwritten Letter

Of course, it is important to place some real thought into this gift. Many brides may not want to buy an actual gift or would prefer something more emotional. While many people choose texts and email as their preferred form of communication, a handwritten letter is a really romantic concept. Brides can purchase quality paper and write a very elaborate expression of her feeling towards her new husband down. She can fold the letter and place in an envelope or she may have it professionally framed. No matter how a letter is presented, it is a beautiful sentiment for this momentous occasion.


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Every girls crazy bout a sharp dressed man!

For the elegant groom who likes to look dapper on your wedding day but all the days to come.  How about these special cuff-links? A great rememberence of your wedding day (plus, he wont have an excuse not to remember your anniversary!)

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Shave Kits

Women are not the only ones who love to be pampered. Brides can purchase a luxurious shaving kit for her husband. The best shaving set will feature everything a man could need to be pampered and groomed. The old fashioned razor and a lathering brush are ideal items to have in a shaving kit. Men truly love having the option of a great shave. Brides can even offer to help her husband out when shaving to add to the romance of the gift.

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iPad cover

Give him something to remind him daily of the love you have for him.  The new trends in sexy iPad covers make this gift one he will cherish and use daily

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Boudoir session

There is nothing that says more than a personalized gift.  BUT, dont let that gift be all about engraving.  How about giving him the gift of you?  Ok, well not like the kind you may think.  A personal photo session that is classy and sexy!  Just be sure you mark “private” on the gift box or you might just have the groomsmen high-fiving the groom.

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Romance shouldn’t die after marriage. Weddings are great but they are not the end all of a good relationship. Choosing romantic, thoughtful and very personal gifts to give the husband right before or after a wedding celebration can be a beautiful sentiment. These gifts will be cherished for years.

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