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bride wedding sunglasses

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Your wedding day is an epic event that you will never forget, and while romantic wedding photos are a must, this is also an opportunity to have a blast and be silly with your new spouse and your wedding party. It’s likely that you’ve been surfing the web for fun ideas and poses, but a trend you may have missed is setting the scene with sunglasses. With nearly limitless options, this is one trend that you can make your own, and one that you’ll relive over and over through the photos of your very own happily ever after. My fav idea is to provide a special pair for your guests to wear during the outdoor ceremony!!!

program glasses


Get your whole wedding party involved in the shaded fun! Choose white for the bride, classic aviators for the groom and his groomsmen, and colored frames that coordinate with the bridesmaid dresses. Oh, the manly, pre-wedding festivities to be had! Have the groom gather up his buddies and pose for some serious shots — but be sure to include some silly ones, too. Whatever the vibe of your wedding, be sure to capture it!

wedding groomsmen sunglasses

Or, save the sunglasses for just you and your new spouse! Be sure to get some quirky action shots while wearing the sunglasses: jump around and dance or ride a vintage bike like this newly married couple!

bride geoom wedding sunglasses

Getting ready with your girls is a majorly important part of the big day. Throw on some flirty shades (heart shapes work, too!) and get to posing in your last minutes before becoming a blissful honeymooner!

Break out of the same old, same old when it comes to wedding photos. After the serious wedding ceremony, be sure to relax and show your humorous side with some mirrored or nerd wayfarers and a mustache!

Wedding sunglasses with moustache the dtales

Why not bring those shades to the after-party? Put on your sunnies and break it down on the dance floor with your friends and family — and be sure to ask your photographers to take some impromptu shots to capture it all.

Wedding reception sunglasses

Wedding sunglasses aren’t just for the wedding party! Give them as favors to your guests, or to wear during your outdoor event. They not only add some color, but they can also be personalized and kept forever as a reminder of the love that you share.

outdoor wedding ceremony sunglasses

It’s your day; why not make it stand out?

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