Wedding Perfection: How to Primp and Plan for Your Big Day

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While wedding planners are amazing to have help with the big day, not every newly engaged couples can afford a professional planner. Chances are, these couples are doing the planning for themselves or are enlisting the help of their parents or friends. Check out these four tips that will help brides, grooms and nonprofessional wedding planners create a memorable occasion full of the glitz and glamour that brides and grooms crave.

Start with a Budget

Although this might sound like a disappointing first step, no one should even begin planning a wedding without first setting a budget. Wedding bills can quickly get out of hand. Brides and grooms should determine who is paying for what items, what parents will cover and what the overall budget will be while saving some financial wiggle room for last minute purchases. It can be difficult to know what average prices are for wedding dresses, catering, rentals and d├ęcor. Couples can find wedding planning helpful advice at numerous sites online.

Plan the Honeymoon

The bride and groom should be sure to leave room in their wedding planning budget for a honeymoon that speaks to their personalities and that allows them to grow closer together as a couple. Instead of choosing tried and true honeymoon spots, consider something out of the ordinary that features a shared interest, such as visiting an aquarium. Some aquariums are major points of interest, such as the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, various aquariums in Fort Worth, and the New England Aquarium in Boston. Couples who want to head out of the country can check out Marine Habitat in the Bahamas, Royal Sea Aquarium Resort in Curacao or Coral World Ocean Park in St. Thomas.

Find Vendors and Venues

Next, it is time to start planning about where the wedding should be held and what professionals should help with it. Before deciding on this, however, brides and grooms will need to determine how many people they want to invite, what day they want to get married and what style of wedding they want to have. Determining these three things along with knowing the budget will narrow down the field of possibilities considerably. The venue should be able to hold the desired number of guests and should mesh with the style, such as Victorian, modern, traditional, garden or rustic. Numerous vendors and professionals will be needed for a wedding, including a minister or judge, musicians, DJs, caterers, florists, and bakers. Head out on the town to meet individuals, listen to music, and taste cakes. Upon choosing both venues and vendors, couples should book them by signing a contract and making a deposit.

Get Pretty

A wedding is a great time to go all out on primping and getting pretty. Brides should not feel bad about setting up a spa day for a body wrap, facial, manicure and pedicure. Brides should also set up a bridal hair appointment along with an additional appointment to practice the style several days ahead of time. Women can also consider getting a professional makeup artist for the big day who will be able to create a glamorous look that will appear amazing in all the photographs. Even grooms can get professional shaves and manicures, facials, and body wraps to ensure that they are at their best.

There are hundreds of details that couples will need to plan for their weddings. Most of these details require hours of research before being decided, and couples will need to have many honest conversations about what sort of wedding has been their dream. Because every situation and every wedding is unique, couples should never feel bad about doing something out of the ordinary as long as it feels good to them.

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