Wedding Planner: Five Tasks to Get Out of the Way First

Wedding Planner: Five Tasks to Get Out of the Way First

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Preparing for a wedding takes time and energy. Numerous little details must be addressed and there is so much to think about getting done before the big day. Here are five wedding tasks that must be taken care of before anything else.

Create a Budget

Everything can fit into place, but it begins with creating a budget. Couples quickly learn that everything adds up quickly. The food, flowers, favors, and other small items can cost a lot of money. Start a budget to know how much to spend at each stop. This can prevent a wedding from becoming too pricey.

Ceremony and Reception Locations

Many brides have a good idea of where they want to have the special ceremony and reception. Before going any further with wedding plans, make certain both locations are available for the specific date and time of the big event. If, for some unknown reason, one location is unavailable, it gives the couple time to choose another location or place altogether, and time to compare prices.

Request an Officiate

Remember that the wedding does have to be presided over by an individual who can legally marry a couple in a particular country and state. Usually, couples have an individual in mind, but take care to request the person before other plans have been made. It may be hard to find a replacement last minute.

Choose and Inform Bridal Party

Couples often want specific family members and friends to participate in the wedding in some way. To make sure everyone is available, tell them as soon as possible where the wedding is, what their role is going to be, and the date of the event. The faster they know when the wedding is going to be, the faster they can arrange to be there. This is especially helpful if the wedding event is in a remote area, or a different part of the country from where the couple currently lives.

Appearance Assistance

Once a couple officially is engaged, frequent pictures will be taken for announcements and family. While there is nothing wrong with this, some couples might want to add finishing touches to their look to feel more confident. Contact a Coquitlam Centre Dental Clinic, or local dentist to get an idea of whether whitening or tooth work can be done before the wedding. You might also look into tanning, facials or other beauty routines. The sooner the contact is made, the better the possibility of having a fantastic face for the special day.

A brief phone call or a meeting can take care of many of these tasks. It is easy to put them off, but resist the temptation. Once these items are done, other special wedding tasks can happen in an instant.

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