Wedding Plans: Tips to Mix Modern and Traditional

wedding trends modern and traditional

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When it comes to weddings, you definitely want to keep that traditional feel as well as staying current and trendy. Adding your own personal touch to age old nuptial traditions is a great way to create a memorable wedding. Here are some tips when attempting to mix modern and traditional.

Bridal Gowns

The traditional bridal gown is white with a long, flowing bodice, and a train. Today’s brides often seek to reconcile their desire to pay homage to tradition, with a desire to show off a tanned and toned body. If you are looking for bridal gowns in NJ, look for gowns that have a long train. Consider one with a short front skirt, and one that is sleeveless to help flaunt your thin figure.

Flower Power

Flowers are used in many weddings. Flowers symbolize youth, freshness, and the promise of mature love. Incorporate flowers in your wedding day in a creative way. Start with your bouquet, and add a touch of pretty color to the standard bouquet with out of the ordinary flowers like birds of paradise, and lilies of the valley. Use the seasons for inspiration. A Christmas bride may want to use mistletoe and even pine branches as part of the flowers she carries. A summer bride may want to think about non-standard materials such as shells, and beach roses. Decorate the setting with such non-traditional materials. Drape garlands of wheat across a church pew. Loop native grasses around the seats of those watching the wedding.

The Reception

The traditional wedding reception is often a full meal consisting of multiple courses of rich foods. Today’s brides are aware that many of their guests like a more health conscious meal. Consult with your caterer to come up with lighter options for all your guests. Instead of a heavy cream soup, serve a clean vegetable soup. Substitute lean chicken breast for highly caloric beef. Use filling grains like quinoa rather than plain carb heavy rice or pasta. You may even want to scrap the meal idea and just offer some delicious snack food.

The Wedding Cake

The standard wedding cake is a large, multi-tiered affair often consisting of several layers of leaden cake topped with butter-cream icing. Modernize the wedding cake by using playful cupcakes or even donuts. Many bakers offer brides individualized cupcakes with varied flavors that all of their guests will enjoy. Remind people of traditional wedding customs by having figures in icing of the bride and groom placed on top of one cupcake or donut.

Have fun with your wedding. Mix up modern and traditional customs to help both delight and invite your guests to share in your special day.



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