Wedding Preparation: Five Things To Remember Before Saying “I do”

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When heading down the aisle, there are many different tasks to complete beforehand to ensure that you’re able to enjoy your wedding and can allow it to go smoothly. Although it can feel like a challenge, there are a few crucial responsibilities to take care of before you’re married.

Pack the Honeymoon Bags

When jetting off to your romantic honeymoon just a day or two after the wedding, it’s important to have the honeymoon bags packed beforehand to ensure that you don’t have to worry about packing your belongings just after the wedding. Make sure you include clothes that will allow for every event that will take place. We like this , if you need to add to your wardrobe. Have a family or friend hold the bags for safekeeping for an easy way to pick them off before departing.

Bring an Emergency Kit

An emergency kit is essential to have on hand during the wedding day for a quick fix for common problems. Pack items that include a stain remover pen, safety pins, band-aids, and a small sewing kit to ensure that you have a solution if the unexpected happens. This will make it easy to fix a tear in a dress or remove a stain from food.

Prepare a Gift to Your Spouse

Many grooms and brides often forget to prepare the gift they’ll give their spouse moments before walking down the aisle, but it’s important to have it prepared as you’ll never get the moment back. Ask your best man or maid-of-honor to hand-deliver the gift an hour or two before you say “I do” to ensure that it makes an impression.

Make the Seating Chart

Your seating chart should be finalized a day before the wedding after all of the guests have sent RSVPs in, even at the last minute. You’ll likely get a few stragglers or have changes that need to be made, making it important to put the final touches on the seating chart before it’s displayed at the reception.

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Touch Base with the Vendors

To ensure that you’re on the same page with your vendors, it’s important to contact them during the same week of the wedding to ensure that all of the details are clear and finalized. This will make it easier to relax knowing that each vendor is aware of the time they need to arrive and that they’re reminded of everything you previously discussed months prior. JUST BE PREPARED THAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE CALLING THEM ON YOUR WEDDING DAY (that’s what wedding coordinators do!!!)

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By having everything finished before saying “I do” it will make it easier to truly enjoy the moment and have a memory that lasts a lifetime. It will essentially mean not having to have stress or anxiety about tasks that were not completed prior to your dream wedding.

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