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This ain’t your mama’s wedding so for you, the traditional wedding just doesn’t cut it! Think about it, most brides want something that is completely unique, totally ‘out there’ (ok, dont freak! i am not telling you to hire a stripper or make it a costume party with dunking for apples!!) Make it extremely personal. From the wedding venue to the food you choose, your wedding should be planned to the detail and OBVIOUSLY organization is particularly important to make sure it all flows. Both the bride and groom should be involved in the process, (unless he decides that cammo tuxes are perfect for his groomsmen!!!) Going against the grain is sure to make your wedding stand out from the rest and there are some different ways you can make yours different.
Lets start with what “OVER THE TOP” looks like!

Charles & Christine | 5.5.12 | Wedding Trailer from Karen Osborne on Vimeo.

AH-FRICKEN-AMAZING, huh!!! That is THEM! And it wouldn’t be fitting for 99.99999% of the couple out there but, you get my point!

Start with a theme! At most weddings there is an overriding theme, usually a color scheme that is matching everything from the bridesmaids dresses to the flowers. Don’t stop there!!!! Now it gets fun!!! The theme could be a sports team, a fun thing y’all do together or a country that the bride and groom have visited together. This is both romantic and very personal! But, don’t go buck wild crazy or your new Mother in law might have a heart attack… Hmmmmm

Go crazy and think of all the cool things you could do! write them all down, even the nutso ones!!! You would be amazed with the cool stuff you will come up with!
Lets start with the save the date cards. They set the tone of the wedding and guests get a sneak peek of what they are to expect. Is it black tie or backyard shabby chic? Let em know on your wedding website, save the dates and moving forward, it,will become obvious! (Dude, you need to let them know how to dress!!!) Having a theme does involve a lot of planning, in order to make sure everything is thought of down to the finest detail. However, it is worth it if you want a personal wedding that everyone will associate with you and your groom!!!

Dont panic, i am not telling you to make a whole Mickey Mouse theme complete with real characters!!!) There are some unconventional ideas that will be fitting and don’t have to be expensive.
You could choose to have the food from your favourite country follow and the theme you chose. For example, if you had an Indian themed wedding, you could have. Indian cuisine to complement this.

For the evening reception, you may choose to have something lighter as everyone will be busy dancing and having fun. Food trucks are the rage these days and is a fun way to get everybody up. And moving (NOTHING WORSE than having your guest sitting and bored!!!) On the other hand, you could have bite size portions of dessert passed out or on a buffet for that late night snack. YUMMO!!!
A biggie for me, which pisses everybody off but who cares, it’s your wedding! KIDS ahhhhhhhhh. Point blank. They scream, cry, run around like monkeys and get underfoot on the dancefloor!!! Ugh, make em stay home or get a babysitter in a small room close to the reception. They not fit any theme if you ask me

While most people have a DJ and a dance floor you could be slightly different and hire a karaoke set. Just be sure to wait till the “un-fun” people leave! Then make it a blast!
Lantern release? Sparklers? Ok, this is fun but ALWAYS a cluster. You need a gazillion lighters (the dollar store is an awesome for them) and people will scramble to find one!
Remember, with the correct planning and organization your wedding will be both perfect and memorable. Bottom line: MAKE IT A BLAST!

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