Weird and Wonderful: How to Make Your Wedding Unlike Any Other

WeirdandWonderful HowtoMakeYourWeddingUnlikeAnyOther

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In many ways, weddings are about tradition. The tux and the extravagant white dress. Cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet, and dancing. And of course, every culture and family has their particular or even peculiar wedding traditions.
But what if you want your wedding to stand out?
You can follow most of the wedding norms and still have a wild, whimsical, or even downright weird wedding. You just need to give your wedding those personal touches that make the wedding a true celebration of the bride and groom. Then your special day will be a day to remember for both you and your guests.

Make Your Theme Come True

While other wedding couples choose between a ho-hum vintage or rustic theme, you could choose between a medieval banquet or sci-fi dystopian theme. You can pick a theme based on a shared interest or centered on how you met. Choosing your wedding theme this way might make the wedding more meaningful for both of you.
If you’re worried that your theme is too unique, rest assured that someone has probably done something even weirder and loved it.

Change of Space

You don’t need to feel constrained by the usual wedding venues. Consider your chosen theme and think about which location would make the best match. Throwing a literary wedding? Why not hold your wedding in a library or antique bookstore? Just check with store owners and explain your situation, you might be surprised at which locations will open up to the idea.
You can also move from one location to another. Maybe your fanciful location will be fun for the actual wedding, but not the after party. Just make sure guests have accessible transportation to the new location. (Bonus points if the transportation itself is weird and unique.)

Crazy Concoctions

Guests love drinks—go figure—and you can make your wedding especially memorable with a thematic cocktail. Provide multiple options so that your wedding guests don’t feel forced to try a drink they have no interest in. You can also mix up wedding drinking by serving your drinks in an unusual way. Unless your wedding takes place at the same hotel all your guests are staying in, consider arranging for transportation if you’ll be serving drinks. A DUI conviction comes with serious criminal penalties, which Lawyer Ben Sessions says can affect one’s life for years to come. Don’t let your wedding day become a launching point for someone’s criminal career–make sure you’ve arranged for designated drivers and taxis if you plan to serve alcohol at your wedding.

Gifts With a Twist

Don’t make your guests’ gifts feel perfunctory—spice up your gift bags with thematic party favors and personalized notes. For a video game wedding, include an in-game “power-up.” For a superhero wedding, include a colorful mask. For a food-themed wedding, include a personalized recipe book or a gift certificate to a local restaurant.
Your wedding can be both a great experience for your guests and a memorable, meaningful event for you. Sure, follow some of the usual traditions, but feel free to use these tips to make your wedding wonderfully weird.

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