What not to wear to a wedding!

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Weddings are obviously momentous occasions and often amongst the most important days of the bride and groom’s lives. When you’re not the bride or groom however, a wedding day’s importance can vary. Going through all the effort to match the occasion when it’s not your wedding isn’t always that much fun. Perhaps the most difficult thing with preparing for a wedding that isn’t yours is understanding what you cannot wear to a wedding. You will be scrutinized far more by wearing something you shouldn’t be, then going for an outfit that’s mundane and boring. Here are a few tips on what not to wear to a wedding.

If You’re Not The Bride: White

We’ll start with the absolutely obvious: if you’re a woman that’s not the bride, you should not be wearing white to the wedding, unless you’ve been instructed to. Wearing white to a wedding that isn’t yours, can be seen as an attempt to steal the limelight off the bride, particularly if you’re looking good in it. Whatever dress you wear, make sure it’s not white.

Dresses That Are Too Short

Weddings are occasions of romance and romance is best defined by elegance. Regardless of whether you’re single and ready to mingle, or sporting a fresh tan you want to show-off, you should ensure that your dress isn’t too short.

A dress that’s too short obviously lacks class and elegance and a lack of elegance is the last impression you’ll want to make at a wedding.

wedding, short dress, guest, attire, formal, reception, wedding

Dresses That Are Too Tight

For that very same reason, a dress that is too tight also isn’t a great idea for a wedding. Super-tight dresses are as unsuitable as super-short dresses and so they should be avoided.

Bra & Cleavage Revealing Dresses

wedding, short dress, guest, attire, formal, reception, wedding

Again, for those very same reasons, anything that shows your bra should be avoided. Furthermore, you should be sure not to show much – if any – cleavage at weddings. A plunging neckline and no bra is a BAD move!!!

Excessive Makeup

Wearing too much makeup is a bad idea as it goes against the general principles already mentioned in this article of needing to look classy, refined and elegant.

Unfortunately, a combination of insecurity and desperateness to impress causes some women to turn up at weddings ruined by excessive makeup. It is far better to show off your natural beauty and not go overboard then it is to wear too much makeup. In fact, it would be better to not wear enough makeup than wear too much.

wedding, short dress, guest, attire, formal, reception, wedding


Does it need to be said that jeans shouldn’t be worn at weddings, or why jeans shouldn’t be worn at weddings? Put it this way, you won’t need to scour through a wedding site directory to discover if jeans aren’t appropriate for weddings.

 wedding, wedding reception, jeans, dress, wedding attire

Loud Clothing

Clothing that’s too loud and extravagant should never be worn at weddings, unless of course for some reason you’ve been asked to do so by the bride.

When it comes to attending someone else’s wedding, it is much better to go unnoticed than it is to stand out for the wrong reasons. Extravagant clothing shines an unnecessary and unwanted limelight on you.


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