You ought to be in pictures!!! 10 ways to look great in photos!

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1. Get pretty in your head!

Might be a silly thing to hear but sometimes the best way to get a good photo is to realistically think about something pleasant: a special memory, your favorite moment, or a sentimental sweet thing your friend, or groom  “Get real and think real thoughts of happiness help get a genuine smile or look and calm an otherwise forced facial expression.”

2. Practice and find the signature smile!

Odds are that you have been in a gazillion photos! Some you love and some….. well not so much. Practice in front of the mirror! Look at old photos and see what you are doing right (or wrong lol).  Ever have someone say “you look the same in every photo”? If you look good in the photos, then you have mastered your signature “pose” Master it. Grab your iPhone and take some photos of yourself until you find a ‘signature’ smile that you’re pleased with

4. Keep It Simple

Don’t force the pose, make it relaxed and comfortable. Try not to look like a deer caught in headlights either. Make sure to stand up straight and even slightly arch your back.” And practice, practice, practice!

5. Remember: Proper Lighting Is Key

The ultimate tip for looking good in photos is finding proper lighting that complements your face. A great photographer will do this for you.  No half shading, no wicked hot sun shining in your eyes……. Squinting and seeing black shadows under your eyes aint pretty.  Make sure you discuss lighting with your photographer!

6. You DON’T Have a Bad Side?

I have had photographers tell me this and i TOTALLY disagree lol.  Ok, so when I take a photo, i know i have a good side….. i even make people change sides with me.  If you know you have a good one, go for it and make everybody scramble to accommodate you, afterall, you ARE the bride!

7. Wear the Right Clothes

Engagements shoots are wicked awesome! They should be a reflection of who you are as a couple.  BUT, dont stress over what to wear!!! A few tips from your photographer will help 🙂 Wearing the right color clothing can help you look 5 to 10 pounds lighter! Shoot for clothing in darker tones that tend to slim the mid-section, thighs, and arms. You should avoid high capped and poofy sleeves however, as these types of sleeves will accentuate the thickest parts of your arm.” Horizontal stripes are also a no-no, as they can make your hips and waist appear much wider than they actually are. Find your fav outfits and bring a ton with you.  Just in case, you never know!!!!

8. Put Your Hands On Your Hips

Putting your hands on your hips is always a good look! It can accentuate your waist, give you the perception of being slimmer, and even make the photo look more natural and animated instead of just stiff with your arms at your sides. Think about  positioning your hands with your fingers out, palms facing behind you. “This gives you the opportunity to show off any rings or other jewelry and also looks much more natural and comfortable.”

9. Raise the Camera

Notice how when you ask someone shorter than your boyfriend to take a photo of you both, it makes his jawline disappear? That’s because they’re shooting up! Always lift the camera to at least eye level or slightly higher. It gives everyone that model jawline and hides any chin “extra” you might have.

10. Know What Makeup to Wear (and What to Avoid)

When a bride wants to wear her own makeup keep in mind that foundations or concealers containing SPF reflect light and should be avoided. Combine this with a flash, and you’ll end up looking pale, washed out and shiny!!!  Yikes.   Stick with a matte finish on the face instead, and remember, the camera does tend to slightly downplay things like lip color, blush, and especially eye makeup, so don’t be afraid to go a little heavier handed in these areas.

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