You Said Yes! Now What? 5 Wedding Planning Tips For Every Bride

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It is an amazing moment when your fiancé proposes. You are riding an emotional high that you feel like you will never come down from. However, once you inevitably come back to Earth, you will realize all the things you need to do to plan the wedding. Here are five wedding planning tips to make sure things go smoothly on your big day.

1. Get the Wedding License

This is the one crucial thing that you must remember to do. Without a wedding license, your wedding will just be a big party that carries no legal weight. You do not always have to wait to the last minute to get this legal document. Many localities will allow you to pick it up months in advance.

2. Create a Wedding Day Time line

One of the best was to ensure your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible is to create a detailed wedding day time line. Try to include every step of the day even if it is trivial. When you have everything laid out in a nice time line, it will seem like a much less daunting effort to get things right.

3. Wedding Dress Rehearsal

You don’t want any last-minute outfit crises throwing you for a loop on the day of the wedding. One of the best ways to avoid this is to have an actual dress rehearsal instead of a wedding rehearsal that is just a walk through. You can then check all the wedding party outfits to make sure they are in order.

4. Check the Rings

Many brides lose weight during the weeks leading up to the wedding. This may be intentional so that you will look great in your dress, or it may be a side effect of the extraordinary stress that planning a wedding entails. Whatever the reasons, this weight loss may cause your ring to fit loosely. You should be sure to check the fit a few weeks before the wedding to ensure you have time to resize your ring if you need to do so.

5. Wedding Day Emergency Kit

This is one of the most crucial items to prepare for your wedding. In this emergency kit, you should include some pain killers like Tylenol, a needle and thread, a Tide pen to remove stains, scissors, pins, a hairbrush, lotion, gum and a flask of your favorite liquor. This emergency kit may be the one thing that keeps you sane in the lead-up to the ceremony.

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