Your Perfect Day: 5 Secrets To Pulling Off A Fairy Tale Wedding

secrets to a wedding day fairytale

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Fairy tale weddings never go out of style. If you’ve always dreamed of having one, be assured you share your desire with millions of other women. Here are five fantastic tips to turn your wedding into the kind any prince or princess will love and remember.

Choose Your Theme

Fairy tales are full of dresses that epitomize romance and magic. However, you still need to choose a theme. Are you interested in the soft, classic look of a Disney tale or a more medieval and historically accurate one? Choose your theme early and start doing research online.

You’ll find many a website that will list exactly what you’ll need in order to achieve the look you want. A wedding planner is also a great asset if funds permit.

Romantic Look Required

A fairy tale wedding dress is usually of the ballroom variety. Veils, tiaras, slippers and long trails will make any bride feel like a princess, and while white tie formal wear for the groom and attendants isn’t a necessity, it will certainly add to the glamour. Favorite hairstyles include the half or full updo done in a formal style. Ringlets and a light sprinkling of glitter adds the perfect finishing touches.

Make Your Guests Smile

Including sparkle or fairy dust with your wedding invitations is one of those little acts that can have folks talking about your wedding for years. At the reception, include quotes from fairy tales on each table, along with shimmering gold or silver centerpieces. Choose romantic wedding favors such as magic wands or the classic glass slipper. For music selection, choose songs from some of the classic Disney tales that everyone will recognize.

Cast A Spell With The Right Venue

Historic homes or carriage houses are perfect when you want to use architectural and landscaping elements to cast a fairy tale spell over your wedding day. If you’re having a civil ceremony, choose a manor home that offers catering or allows private caterers to come in. Having the ceremony and the feast at the same venue is a cost savings measure as well. Don’t forget to ask about packages that might include romantic decorations such as rose petals or candles lining the walkways.

Forget The Limo

A four-in-hand is the traditional name of a carriage being drawn by four horses. However, even a two-in-hand can easily take your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary, and this is the perfect way to add a fairy tale touch to your special day.

If you’re on a tight budget, a small carriage with a single horse is often available. Keep in mind most farms that rent carriage horses have travel limits which run between two and four miles. Check out your local tack or feed shop for listings of farms that might not be in the yellow pages or online.



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