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How to decide between Full Service vs Partial Planning

Need help planning your wedding? How much help do you need? You need to know when making the decision. Not every bride is the same when they need help, so why should their level of service be an all or nothing? READ MORE

A wedding planner is one of the most common wedding roles a couple must consider. Look at all the different types of wedding planners under this job title. There are full service wedding planners and partial wedding planners. When a couple needs help planning and executing the event, a planner is a great place for you to start.

Hiring a A Partial planner to come on board and help you with the the middle of the planning process and much closer to your wedding day. Many brides don’t know reasons why a partial planner might be a better option for them.

Hiring a Full service planner usually happens immediately after your engagement. The planner will be responsible for countless things along the way leading up to ‘I Do.’ Planning progress on an appropriate timeline, suggesting vendors, managing communication between vendors,and being present at meetings for or with you. A wedding planner can be a key player in making your wedding day truly come together from the ground up. There is not much that a full service wedding planner does not have a hand in but every planner is different so it’s important for you to really educate yourself on every planner’s company culture and values to ensure your expectations are met and needs fulfilled.

What should you do on your wedding day? Hire someone! The biggest luxury ever is someone to deal with everything, while you have fun getting ready. A weddingday coordinator should beamish for every bride. Make sure you realize Stress free should be your goal.